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Kanzen from Aalter

Specialised in tailor-made carpentry & woodwork

Are you interested in outbuildings with custom-made carpentry and woodwork? Kanzen from Aalter is more than an ordinary carpenter. Owner Ronny Van Poucke and his team are inspired by the oriental philosophy. We specialise in the art of Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese wood burning technique for carpentry. This gives your furniture, wooden outbuildings and poolhouses a unique appearance.

Shou Sugi Ban

Be amazed by the exclusivity of this Japanese wood burning technique.

Wooden outbuildings & pool(house)s

From garden houses to outdoor kitchens, Kanzen installs various outbuildings.


We take care of your entire interior (e.g. kitchen or bathroom) down to the smallest details.

Livinlodge by Carpentier

Go for a unique outdoor lounge experience with your personal Livinlodge.

Would you like for us to build a wooden outbuilding?

Request your no-obligation quote today!

Custom-made furniture
with a unique touch

Apart from custom-made interior furniture, Kanzen also installs complete kitchens (including appliances). We make sure to always use durable and high-quality materials. Would you like a natural and luxurious wooden outbuilding that fits perfectly into your home and garden? We take our time to discuss a design with you and then build your personal lounge in the shape of a carport, pool house or porch.

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with a twist

Kanzen from Aalter stands by the Japanese name of our company, as we always strive for perfection when it comes to carpentry. Private individuals, companies and interior architects can call on us. We established an extensive partner network, which enables us to carry out all small and large projects effortlessly.

The more special the order, the better we like it. Combining the most diverse materials or using challenging techniques is child’s play for us. You can get an idea of our skills through our portfolio.